Community Health & Wellness Partnership Overview

Most know Sentara through our dedicated providers. In addition to providing expert medical care and comprehensive services, for decades Sentara has worked behind the scenes supporting under-served populations and our entire community through sponsorships, grants, and countless volunteer hours. This community work is directed through the Sentara Community Health & Wellness Partnership.

Sentara Community Health & Wellness Partnership goals:

  • Improve the health and well-being of all individuals in our community by addressing the major social determinants of health, which includes helping people secure affordable housing, obtain skilled careers, higher-paying jobs, reducing food insecurity, and managing behavioral health issues.
  • Improve the quality of life enjoyed by residents in our community through the ongoing support of cultural programs (for example, visual and performing arts), recreational features (biking and walking trails), community events (walks that support diversity, health equity, and health programs), and educational enrichments (school programs and scholarships).

To accomplish these goals, the Sentara Community Health & Wellness Partnership harnesses our internal resources, leverages community partner relationships, and aligns our community support with our corporate strategy to improve health every day.

The Sentara Community Health & Wellness Partnership serves residents all across Virginia and Eastern North Carolina. Our initiatives and support are seamlessly integrated across our entire health system.